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Welcome to the Polymer Latex Film Home Pages of Dr. Paul Steward.

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Welcome to the polymer latex film home pages of Dr. Paul Steward.
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This site is dedicated to Polymer Latices, Latex Films, Controlled Release Coatings, and Diffusion/Permeation, etc. The above image map is used to navigate this page.
Clicking on the link to Paul's Polymer Pages will take you to a selection of literature reviews on subjects such as: Latex Particle Surface Chemistry, eg, how it arises and how it can be modified; Latex Film Formation, eg, theories of coalescence & film aging; and Controlled Release devices & technology.
Also presented, and filling a much needed gap in the scientific literature base, is the Abstract and some results from the author's PhD Thesis. Finally, there is information on Diffusion and Permeation, and a list of over 800 References (on the subjects mentioned above) which are available in the open scientific literature.
Last, but not least, the image map provides connections to pages listing other suitably related Polymer Sites, or more general (non-polymer) Science & Reference based web sites. This latter page includes a number of useful links to various organisations, journals, and sites providing reference information.
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Please note: technical questions which are not directly related to this site are better directed to the sci.polymers newsgroup.
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Paul's Pages on Polymer Latices & Latex Films

Providing literature reviews on a range of subjects from the preparation of a polymer latex, through to latex film formation, and controlled/sustained release pharmaceuticals. Click on a blue link in the following graphic to read a review.
Go To Top Curriculum Vitae PhD Abstract Latex Preparation Latex Surface Chemistry Latex Surface Chemistry Film Formation Film Formation Controlled Release Controlled Release Fick's Laws Literature Literature Click on this image map to go to the specified polymer review.
Note. Those reviews marked with a red cross, indicate that they require your browser to have the ability to utilise frames. (See notes above if your browser does not support frames.) If you wish to read the non-framed version of a review, then click (exactly) on the red cross. (This is not the recommended method to view these pages. The files are too large!)

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