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You have arrived at the home pages of Dr. Paul A. Steward. The above image map may be used to navigate this page. Information on the author (including a CV) is available under the heading Paul's Sites.
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The bulk of this site is on the subject of polymer latices, latex films, controlled release coatings, and diffusion, etc. It also provides links to a number of useful science related pages on the World Wide Web.
Additionally, links are provided to a number of search engines, including a page of forms which can be completed to submit searches to the various engines.
Finally, there are pages containing links to various computing related sites, science sites and links to other pages of interest.
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Paul's Sites

Paul is pictured here with parents, Raymond & Irene:

Family Photo!
Email Paul can be e-mailed at:
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About the Author

Curriculum Vitae of Paul Steward BSc PhD CPhys MInstP.
Note: this version of my CV utilises a Java applet for navigation, and that the link opens a new browser window. (For browser which do not support Java, or which have Java turned off, then text-based links are provided.)
Alternatively, see my Java applet-free CV, which utilises a graphical image map in place of the Java applet used previously.
(These pages both utilise frames, and are best viewed with a JavaScript compatible browser.)
Nottingham Trent University thesis abstract: Modification of the Permeability of Polymer Latex Films, by Paul Steward, 1995.
Filling a much needed gap in the scientific literature base, this is the abstract of a collaborative research programme with the Chemical & Biological Defence Establishment, Porton Down, on sustained/controlled release coatings.
Publication List. (Publications arising from aforementioned research.)
Polymer Index. Links to Paul's literature reviews and other information on polymer latex films, etc.
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Other Pages

List of Science related links. List of Polymer Science related links (by authors other than Paul).
Units of Measurement Conversion JavaScripts.
(Note, these pages require a JavaScript/frame compatible browser.)
Lists of computing related links: Software; Hardware; or Web Publishing.
Search Engine Forms. Forms to query a range of search engines for the WWW and email addresses. List of Search Engine links. Searchers for the WWW, email addresses, and newsgroups, etc.
Other Links. Pages of regularly updated links providing shortcuts to sites which are flavour of the month. Many of the sites provide reference material: useful for answering competition questions!
Information on Browser Compatibility (with this site). Also provides details of Known Problems on this Web site.
Links to Resources that are useful to the author of this site only.
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